Be Scarily Safe on Halloween

happy halloween house

Halloween is just around the corner and if your house is anything like mine the focus is on what costume we are going to wear and which neighborhoods give out the best candy! Halloween is a fun and exciting time for kids, but as parents we need to make sure our little ghosts, Darth Vaders, or princesses are being safe.  At Life Skills First Aid we want Halloween to be filled with wonder and enjoyment so here are some tips to follow to make it scarily safe.

  • Costumes should be flame resistant with reflective strips so that children are more easily seen at night.
  • Glow sticks are a great way to make your child seen,wrap them around wrists or wear as necklaces. trick or treat
  • Use face paint rather than masks or things that will cover the eyes. It’s already dark out and seeing through a mask makes it that much more difficult.
  • Walk on sidewalks, or well lit paths- not in the street. Stay on one side to trick or treat then cross the road once (at crosswalk) and continue down. Don’t crisscross your way down the road.
  • Visit homes that are well lit.
  • Do not enter a house or apartment, only accept candy outside the home. Do not get into a car with a stranger.
  • If your child is old enough to trick or treat without an adult (yikes!) set agreed-to route and explain the importance of arriving home on time. Ensure your child is in a group and not alone. (I will probably dress up as a ninja and follow stealthy behind when this happens!)
  • Remind your kidstreats not to eat their treats and goodies until they are examined by an adult at home. Remember to not eat candy that is opened.

In our house my son has a nut allergy so we end up trading out the treats he can’t eat for ones I buy. (plus when he goes to bed I get my fix of Peanut Butter Cups and O’Henry Bars!!!).



This is a great holiday for the kids and can be a lot of fun for the adults too! To go over these tips with your kids make a game out of it. Write a list of do’s and don’ts on a board and see if you kids can answer each correctly, maybe they get an early Halloween treat for all the right answers. Do a “dry run” of your route. Have a safety chat while carving pumpkins.

Have a scarily safe Halloween!

Life Skills First Aid, it’s not just training it’s a LIFE SKILL.


home-alone-2Home Alone…Stay Safe

I am not going to lie I am really looking forward to the day when my kids are able to stay at home alone. Don’t get me wrong I will be super nervous and probably phone a million times to make sure nothing is burning and no one is fatally wounded (or setting booby-traps to catch burglars), but not having to arrange child care last minute or rush homuntitlede to make sure my kids are picked up will be pretty great. Oh and as an added bonus I won’t have to add an additional $10.00/hr to my date night bill to pay the sitter (sorry honey we can’t have the steak, we have to pay the sitter lol!). But my kids are 5 and 7 so I still have a few years to go.

School is done for summer (Wahoo!) and for some of you this is a transition year, your kids are not little anymore. This may be the year when they are going to be home for the day while you are at work or they may be off to their babysitting job (we have a course for that too!). If you are like me you want to make sure your kids are ready for the new girl opening doorresponsibility that they will be taking on. I have great news! The Red Cross has launched a new program called Stay Safe, this course is designed for kids age 9-13 who will be staying at home without adult supervision for periods of time (in the province of BC children 10 and older can stay home alone, if there are other siblings or kids they must be 12 years old).

Stay Safe covers topics such as:

  • How to stay safe at home and in the community without the direct supervision of an adult.

  • The importance of setting and following rules while at home alone.

  • How to prepare for, recognize and respond to unexpected situations (eg. unexpected visitors, inclement weather, strangers).

  • Basic First Aid

The Stay Safe course is 5-6 hours and can be broken up into two days. Each participant will receive a certification at the end of the course and will leave with the tools they need to safely stay home alone with confidence. The BEST PART is you the parent/caregiver will feel a little less nervous about this new independence your child will have.


If you are interested in this course please contact me at